Network Clipboard & Viewer for Windows
How to Register
System Requirements
Introduction to Network Clipboard
How to Start using Network Clipboard
Configuration Wizard
Special status icons
Network Clipboard's Server
Received Clipboards
Image Preview
Mini Pad
Send Message
Predefined Messages
Check for Update
Clipboard Properties
View current text in Clipboard
View current image in Clipboard
Append Copied Text To Existing Clipboard Content
Text to Keyboard
Load Skins
Does the server need to be running on both computers or just one?
How do I disable Hints?
How do I disable sounds?
How do I know if the server is running?
How do I see the Log?
How to use Text to Keyboard?
I'm not able to Send Messages. What can I do?
There are sometimes two icons in the system tray. What are they both called?
Initial Configuration
Send your Clipboard to another computer
Get Clipboard from another computer
Recall a previously requested clipboard
TCP / IP Configuration, Windows XP
Windows Firewall (Windows XP with SP2)
History - Remote Clipboard Received
Overview: History - Remote Clipboard Received
Folders and Security
How to Organize Network Clipboard Files
How to use Vault folder
Load to clipboard
History - Mini Preview
History - Explore
History - Selecting items
History - Protecting Clipboard Files
History - Deleting local files
History - Rename Items
History - Refresh Items
History - Search for Items
History - Options
Options and Preferences
Preferences tab
Network Settings tab
Auto-send tab
Security tab
Advanced Security tab
Hot Keys and Automation tab
Sounds tab
Advanced Settings tab
Clipboard Monitor Settings
Administrative Tools
Propagate Settings
Get Remote Log and Status
License Agreement
Shareware Agreement
Add Authorized Users
Add computers/hostnames
Are you sure to clear the log?
Are you sure to clear Modified Status?
Are you sure to purge all previously saved local clipboards?
Are you sure you want to restore default settings
Auto Clear Clipboard
Computer is trying to connect...
Confirm File Overwrite
Continue to next file?
Discard Changes?
Error connecting
Error saving file
Error starting server
File already exists. Overwrite?
Folder already exists
Image dimensions are not allowed
Password was not changed
Save clipboard content is not available
Set current preview as image?
Unable to create folder
Unable to remove selected folder (internal use)
Unable to remove selected folder
Unable to rename folder
User is trying to connect...
If you use Anti-Spam Software
Authorized Users list
Authorized Computers list
Clipboard Data Files
Computers: Authorized
Computers: Unauthorized
Drag and Drop
Debug Mode
Getting Support
Hash: CRC32
Hash: MD5
How to Order
Keyboard Shortcut
Main Menu
Mouse: Double-Click
Mouse: Left-Click
Mouse: Right-click
Skins Download
System Tray
Trial Expired
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