History - Options
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Options to handle some tasks in History window:

·Automatic Refresh: to automatically refresh current folder file list if changed (for example, when new Clipboard Data File added in background).  
·Select last item when load folder: check this option to automatically select last item when loading a Network Clipboard and Viewer folder.  
·Overwrite Existing Files: check this box if you want to overwrite any existing file when you use drag and drop, with no confirmations. Uncheck this if you want to see a confirmation window before replace an existing file.  
·Skip Older Files: enable this option if you want to automatically skip older files, to avoid replace existing newer files when using drag and drop.  
·View Thumbs: check this box if you want to view folder contents as Icons instead of a list report.  
·View Progress at Start: check this box if you want to see a progress window when loading History at start. This will let you know the progress status of initial loading process. Uncheck this for a fast initial loading.  
·View Mini Preview: enable this to see a Mini Preview of selected Clipboard Data File content (if available). Mini Preview is automatically disabled when viewing Logs and Vault folders.