Clipboard Properties
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To access this option, Right-click the Clipboard Viewer and choose Properties, or select Main Menu / Clipboard / Properties.

This will display a dialog box with some information about current clipboard formats, size, etc.

lightRight-click on information's page for more options. Click icon for details (or select Details tab). Right-click image thumb (when viewing properties of clipboard with common image content) for more options.

Clipboard Details

In this section you'll get a detailed specification of Clipboard's content and all the different formats of your clipboard.

A Clipboard shot, as you may notice, may have several formats.

·Clipboard Format: is the encoded name of a specific clipboard format.  
·Size: is the size, in bytes, of the specific encoded format.  
·Standard: if the encoded format is standard for your Windows version, you'll see a "Yes" indicator. Non-standard clipboard formats are Software-Specific formats, means the target computer should have the same program installed in order to handle that format, or other will be selected.  
·Format Code: is just the code number of the specific encoded clipboard format.