Windows Firewall (Windows XP with SP2)
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If you use a firewall, or you Windows operating system is Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (or better), you need to authorize Network Clipboard and Viewer to access your LAN. You need to configure your firewall settings.

control panel - security center
Open Control Panel window. Click on Security Center.

(Start > Control Panel)

control panel - windows firewall
Choose Windows Firewall.

windows firewall - exceptions
Make sure you have Network Clipboard included and checked. See this in Exceptions tab.

If Network Clipboard is not in Exceptions List, click Add Program button and select Network Clipboard from program's list.

windows firewall - icmp settings
If you want to use Easy Bar functionality to detect if a computer is available or not, you need to configure ICMP Settings (Control Panel > Security Center > Windows Firewall > Advanced > ICMP Settings).

To access this, click the Advanced tab, then the ICMP Settings button.

Check Allow incoming echo request.

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