Check for Update
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Option available on Main Menu / Help. Allows you to contact our Website and check for a newer version than the one you are using now.

Check tab

Here you'll see your current software's version, and can check for update with just one click on Check button.
Click Close button to exit this option.

Check for Update Options
Click in Options panel to show Check for Update settings:
Automatically check for update every 7 days
   Enable this check box to automatically check for update every 7 days, you'll be
   notified of a new version if any.
Specify number of seconds to establish timeout condition.

Log tab
This tab will contain a log of the check for update process.

Version at Website tab
This tab is shown when the connection to the Update server is successful and display information about the current version at our Website. If version is current, the "Ok" icon_ok icon is shown. If a new version is found, your current version will show an "Older" icon icon_bad.

You'll see the URL address for the download/update item or page. Click the button next to this address to launch your Windows default downloader.