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PING means Packet Internet Groper. Is a network/internet program that tests whether a destination node can be reached. Is a simple program used to test/verify local and remote connections at the TCP/IP level.

Usually this program is available in Windows: open a MS-DOS Prompt / Command Prompt Windows (Start Menu / Accessories or Start Menu / All Programs / Accessories). In the command prompt, specify the command:

C:\> PING [RemoteComputerName][RemoteIP]

where [RemoteComputerName] is the name of the remote host in your Network, or may use the remote IP number (For Example:

If the link is ok, you should see a "Reply" status for each packet sent to remote host and received back to your computer. If you get a "Request timed out" message or packets loss (check Ping statistics at end), you may need to fix this Network issue (Network Card, Cable/Link Access, Network Driver, etc.).