Advanced Security tab
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New release of Network Clipboard & Viewer will support advanced 128-bit Secure Blowfish encryption algorithm.

Use these options with caution. Larger clipboard content means more time to process the encryption. If you want to use encryption, is recommended to always use Compression to get remote clipboard content.

Advanced Security is recommended on unsecured Lans, Wireless Lan without encryption security schemes, and when high security is required.
Please be aware that your current clipboard may have several formats, including Text or Pictures. If you choose to encrypt clipboard with Text content, all formats on current clipboard will be encrypted.

For Example: an Excel spreadsheet may content Text format and other formats.

The password to use is the same password specified on Security tab.

·Encrypt Clipboard with Text Content Before Send: check this box to use encryption of your Clipboard content if Text format is detected on. If you copy simple text to your clipboard, the only format contained is Text. If you copy to clipboard, for example, an Excel spreadsheet, Clipboard may content many formats: Text, Excel clipboard format, etc. In this case, your Clipboard will be encrypted before send if this box is enabled.  

·Encrypt Clipboard with Pictures Content Before Send: check this box to encrypt your Clipboard content, before send to a remote user, if Picture format is detected. Only standard/common used picture formats will be detected.  

·Encrypt All Clipboard Content Before Send: the use of this option is not recommended. Larger Clipboard contents will take more System resources and time to process a request.  

·Disable Encryption  

On status bar, you'll see a padlock to notify you that Encryption option is enabled:

lock enhanced free
Means current clipboard content will be encrypted before send if a remote user request your clipboard.

lock enhanced
Means encryption is enabled, but your current clipboard content will not be encrypted before send because is not required as specified in Advanced Security.