How to use Vault folder
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warning Encrypted Files needs original correct password to be decrypted and processed. Don't forget your encryption password. Encryption method is secure Blowfish 128bit.  
Passwords are Case Sensitive: "aa" is equal to "aa". "aa" is different from "AA" or "aA".  

This is a special folder to secure all your Clipboard Files saved on your computer. Any file dropped to Vault folder (or any organized sub folder in Vault) will be encrypted using secure Blowfish 128bit encryption.  

How to use Vault folder

Usage is simple. You just need to drag and drop Clipboard Files from other folders to the Vault folder. To change Vault password, just choose Vault Password command in Options>Vault options.

Vault status

wo status available:

·vault not ready Vault not Ready: vault folder is not ready to receive dropped files, or to extract files from vault to clipboard or vault to other normal folder. If you drop files and status is not Ready, you will be prompted for password. This status is safe: no password is active and Vault files cannot be processed.  
·vault ready Vault is Ready: vault folder is ready to receive dropped files or to extract files from vault. Vault password remains active to not disturb your work until:  
·You choose the Clear Vault Password command in Options.  
·History window is hidden or closed. If you minimize History window, it will be active in System Tray.  
Vault Ready status means you entered a password and Vault is ready to accept and encrypt files using specified password. To extract Clipboard Files from Vault folder, you need to enter proper file's password, the exact one used when encrypted.  

Vault passwords

ou can keep your vault organized. Any dropped file is encrypted using current specified Vault Password. This way, you can define different passwords for any files, better organized by folders.

Example (password are enclosed in quotes for example purposes only):

·Vault (main vault folder), password is "my password".  
·Personal (vault sub folder for personal Clipboard Files), password is "HarD tO GuESS7166277".  
·Assistant (vault sub folder, for Assistant share), password is "AssistMe".  
·Other (vault sub folder, no highly sensitive information but needs to keep encrypted), password is "OtherStuff".