How to use Text to Keyboard?
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Option available in Network Clipboard's Main Menu / Options / Text to Keyboard.

The Text to Keyboard option is a feature that simulates keystrokes of specified text.

This extra tool helps in cases where a user need to type some text on several edit boxes (example of this are some Software registration codes, like Microsoft uses).

If the specified Text to Keyboard is "aa-xx-cc" and you click "Go" button, after specified number of seconds, Text to Keyboard will simulates keystrokes of "a", "a", ignore "-" if specified (or replace "-" with other character like Tab key, as example), etc.

You may do a simple test of this feature using Text to Keyboard, with some text specified, enough number of seconds to start, and click "Go" button.

Move to your word processor or Notepad window, click on text area and wait until Text to Keyboard timer is fired.

This option is not useful for the example above, helps you better to enter some long "text code" into several edit boxes.