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Network Clipboard & Viewer, since version, already includes in Setup Program the
Skin Pack # 1 and Skin Pack # 2. (Network Clipboard & Viewer users with versions prior to, please go to the downloads page at our Website to download new Skin Packs). This means, users of Network Clipboard & Viewer since version or better, does not need to download Skin Pack # 1 and Skin Pack # 2 because are already included.

The Skin Packs will be decompressed in a proper folder.
For Example:

   Default installation folder for Network Clipboard & Viewer:

   C:\Program Files\Interdesigner Software\Network Clipboard

   Default folder for Skins Packs:

   C:\Program Files\Interdesigner Software\Common Files\Skins

If you changed the default installation folder for Network Clipboard & Viewer, please specify a proper folder for Skin Packs, in order to fast location. Default path for Skins Packs is:

   Your Folder\
Network Clipboard
Your Folder\
Common Files\Skins

Download Skins
You may use this link to download new skins package, when available/needed: