Special status icons
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clipboard compressed Clipboard Compression.

clipboard link Received clipboard from remote computer.

clipboard start Network Clipboard Server is started. If is on a button, click to start server.

clipboard stop Network Clipboard Server is stopped. If is on a button, click to stop server.

clipboard ok Last clipboard transmission was ok (no errors).

clipboard error Last clipboard transmission had errors. See Log on main window for details.

status remote client on Your Network Clipboard is connected to a remote computer.
   wave Click this icon to disconnect (abort) manually.
   wave Network Clipboard will connect and disconnect automatically.

status remote client off Your Network Clipboard is not connected to a remote computer.

website forum Status of remote users connected to your Network Clipboard.
   wave If you need to stop all connections, use the
Stop server button.

computer link asking Your computer is asking (or being asked) remote computer's status (online or offline).

computer link ok Remote computer is online.

computer link bad Remote computer is not online or did not respond.

led free Ready.

led busy Busy.

file transfer Clipboard content are dropped files.
Double click to open container folder of first file on list.
Drag and drop this icon to Windows Explorer (or any software that
      accepts dropped files) to move files there.
   wave Hold down the CTRL [
Control] key before start dragging icon to change
Move action to Copy action (source files remains).

on top Keep current window visible all the time.
   wave (When checked/enabled)