Easy Bar
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The Easy Bar is a quick and easy method to access clipboard contents from remote computers... just Double-click proper computer's name on Easy Bar list, or Right-click for other options.

For the first time, the Easy Bar appears on the right of your screen. The Easy Bar remains visible while your mouse cursor is over Easy Bar window.

Auto Hide Feature

Easy Bar automatically hides itself when you're not using it.

lightTo see Easy Bar again, just move your mouse cursor to the edge of the screen side Easy Bar was located. The default is right side. Move your mouse cursor to the edge of the right side on your screen. If you can't see Easy Bar, click the Easy Bar button on Network Clipboard & Viewer main window.
Easy Bar will remain visible as long of your mouse cursor is in the Easy Bar window (or disable auto hide feature to keep Easy Bar window visible).

Get clipboard content for a remote computer
To get a remote clipboard, just Double-click computer's name on list, or Right-click for a popup menu and choose Get Remote Clipboard option.

Easy Bar shows you a list of computers and their status:

   computer link asking Your computer is asking remote computer's status (online or offline)
   computer link ok Remote computer is online
   computer link bad Remote computer is not online or did not respond

lightIf using firewall, check your local and remote computer's firewall settings to enable Network Clipboard & Viewer program and

Use the arrows to position Easy Bar to the Left (comfortable for left-handed persons) or to the Right (default). Here you may define some settings with no need to open Network Clipboard & Viewer's main window, like Request remote clipboard with compression, etc.

To keep Easy Bar window visible (normal behavior is auto hide), enable the Keep window visible button. Uncheck to re-enable auto hide.

Using Keyboard
When Easy Bar window appears, it is always on background to avoid interrupt your current application's work. If you want to enable focus to Easy Bar, please hold the Shift key on your keyboard while moving mouse cursor to the edge of screen side Easy Bar is located.

Use keyboard cursor arrow keys to move to proper computer you want to process on Easy Bar list, click Enter to get remote clipboard, use Context-Menu key on your keyboard for a popup with more options.

Special Notes
Now Easy Bar detects if your screen resolution is not the same, compared to when Easy Bar started. If you launch a program that changes your screen resolution (for example: a Game), Easy Bar will not be visible when you move your mouse. This new behavior is to avoid unwanted interruptions if you're playing a game (or running any other graphic software that changes screen resolution). Easy Bar will appears again when normal resolution is restored.

You may disable this behavior in Options / Preferences.

light If you changed your screen resolution to a new default when Easy Bar is running, just "relaunch" Easy Bar again to instruct Easy Bar to accept new resolution.