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Choose Preferences from the Options menu to activate the Preferences dialog box. This dialog box contains tabs that control most Network Clipboard and Viewer settings. Click on any tab title for further information on its content.

·The Preferences tab lets you customize Network Clipboard and Viewer behavior.  
·The Network Settings tab controls your network configuration, favorite computers, default port, etc.  
·The Auto-send tab is to configure automatic send of your clipboard to remote computers.  
·The Security tab offers choices for security and authorized remote users.  
·The Advanced Security allows you to configure a secure environment to deliver information.  
·The Hot keys / Automation tab lets you specify some hot keys and automation features.  
·The Sounds tab is to customize sounds used by Network Clipboard and Viewer.  

lightIf you want to restore default settings for current page/tab, click the
Defaults button. If you want to set defaults for all pages/tabs, hold the SHIFT key while click Set Defaults button.