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You may instruct Network Clipboard & Viewer to save all your previous local clipboard content, in order to recall the last used clipboards quickly.

In theory, you may save thousands of clipboards, depending on your disk space, but this probed to be non functional.

The last 4 clipboards are available to quick and easy access using a predefined key shortcut (combination of keys on your keyboard).


Remember last 4 Clipboards
Enable this option to allow Network Clipboard & Viewer to remember your last 4 used clipboards, available to recall at any time with a Hot Key, Main Menu or Main Tool Bar (just selecting proper icon's number 1 to 4). If you want to recall a previous used clipboard, beyond the last fourth, please check the History.

Hot Keys for last clipboard No. 1 - 4
Check this box to enable use of defined Hot Key to recall last used clipboard No. 1 - 4. When enabled, last clipboard No. 1-4 can be recalled quick, just using the defined hot key. On the box next to the option, press the wanted combination of keys you want to use to recall last clipboard No. 1-4.
light Default Hot Keys:

Ctrl + 1
Recall last used clipboard No. 1

Ctrl + 2
Recall last used clipboard No. 2

Ctrl + 3
Recall last used clipboard No. 3

Ctrl + 4
Recall last used clipboard No. 4

Hot Keys to recall last current clipboard
Check this box to enable use of defined Hot Key to recall last current clipboard.
lightDefault Hot Key: Ctrl + 0

Purge Last Clipboards on Exit
Check this option to enable purge of all saved local clipboards when exit Network Clipboard & Viewer (using menu or when Windows close session to shutdown, restart or logoff).

Purge Last Clipboards Older Than ...
Enable this option to purge only older saved local clipboards when exit Network Clipboard & Viewer.
A previously saved local clipboard (automatically saved if "Remember last Clipboards" is enabled) is considered older after specified number of days from current date. You may change the default of days to consider a saved clipboard older.

Avoid Duplicate Clipboard Files
When enabled, current local clipboard will be compared against last clipboard (before save current) and don't save it again if duplicate, saving disk space. Useful in cases when a user copies the same clipboard content twice (or more) not on purpose, continuously. Check this box to enable, uncheck to disable.
do-it Image Clipboards, and other clipboards formats are not always exact (despite the same image is in clipboard). The comparison should be quick, so the binary clipboard is compared

Show in Tray when available / Number of Seconds
Check this box to see a system tray icon when a proper last clipboard slot (1-4) is available to recall. You'll see a proper icon when a slot is available to recall a last used clipboard.

If you move your mouse cursor to the system tray icon, you'll see a mini-preview of that clipboard (if available). The Mini-Preview will close automatically after defined number of seconds, or you may close it with a click in Close Window button.

To recall a last used clipboard, using tray icons, just need to click the proper icon of the last used clipboard you want to recall (replace your clipboard's content).

light If you click the tray icon again, you'll recall the last current clipboard, if available. This behavior applies to Tool bar options (recall).