Clipboard Monitor Settings
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status server off Please only change settings if instructed by support staff.

The Clipboard Monitor settings allows you to configure the behavior of Network Clipboard and Viewer's Clipboard Monitor. The Clipboard Monitor is working in background to detect new clipboards and process them.

light You may stop Clipboard Monitor at anytime, just uncheck the
View clipboard contents option in Main Menu / Clipboard, or using the proper button clipboard view at toolbar.

To change Clipboard Monitor settings, go to Main Menu / Options / Preferences
, Advanced Settings, and click the small button on "Clipboard Monitor" vertical panel at left. If you're unable to see the Advanced Settings tab, please read the Advanced Settings topic for instructions.

·Skip faster Clipboards: check this option to instruct the monitor to ignore faster changes of clipboards. Faster changes could be due an external defective clipboard viewer, or Microsoft Office™ Clipboard behavior.  
·Skip time: sets the time (in milliseconds) to skip a new clipboard.  
·Beep when busy: check this box to obtain an Error sound if a collision occurs during tasks. This mean, the Error sound will plays if you are busy sending clipboards and you try to perform another task that Clipboard Monitor is unable to perform because is still busy in the last task.  
·Disable own format: check this box if you need to disable Network Clipboard and Viewer's own format. If activated and you see Clipboard Properties, a new format is inserted to each Clipboard (is very small, just 9 bytes).  
·Auto-ignore invalid format: check this box to automatically ignore invalid clipboard format (index 2).  
·Auto-ignore zero-size format: check this box to automatically ignore formats with zero size.  
·Automatic Refresh: enable this option (check) to automatically refresh Clipboard Monitor/Viewer. This automatic refresh will prevent cases where other applications may handle incorrectly the Windows Clipboard chain registration/unregistration process.  
lightIf you want to restore default settings, click the
button. Please note this will restore also Advanced Settings defaults.

See Also: Advanced Settings, Clipboard Properties, Sound Settings.