Text to Keyboard
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This option will send specified text (limited) to your Keyboard, simulating a key press for each character.

Steps are simple:

·Go to "Text to send to Keyboard" tab and set the text you want to send to keyboard.  
·Then Go to "Options" and specify how many seconds do you need before program will start to send text to keyboard, just after click Go.  
·Move your cursor to proper window and section to receive text from keyboard, as if you type the text. "Text to Keyboard" window may hide or be in background.  

Caps Lock

Check this box to perform automatic case conversion of letters, if Caps Lock is active. If your target receives "C" and Caps Lock is Activated, actually target receives "c" (Caps Lock effect).

Ignore Characters
Check proper box to ignore dash (-), dot (.) and/or spaces. If you need to ignore other characters, specify them in the box below.

Replace Characters
Check proper box to replace dash (-), dot (.) and/or spaces. If you need to replace other characters, specify them in the box below.
The special character to replace specified character(s) should be selected in the proper list.

Start process. Waiting specified number of seconds. You'll see wait progress in a gauge. May cancel at any time.

Stay o top
Click this button to switch the Stay on top mode on/off. If enabled, the Text to Keyboard window is visible all the time.

Some Uses
For example, send to keyboard a very long/difficult text to type:

Access code: 6777-35353-266HAGHS-GAGAG

To "type" only the numbers (because target application does not recognize dashes), just launch Text to Keyboard
with the access code, make sure you have selected Ignore Dash.

If the target application have separated boxes to type each block of text (as example), you may use the Replace Dash
with TAB.