Error connecting
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An error was occurred trying to connect to a remote host.

Please make sure:

·Specified port number for Network Clipboard & Viewer is valid and not in use by other application (Default port number is 6000).  

·Remote host (acting as server) have same port number as your Network Clipboard & Viewer.  
·Revise the TCP/IP configuration and Firewall settings of remote host (computer acting as server) and your computer. Make sure your firewall allows Network Clipboard and Viewer to access your network with specified TCP port (default is 6000).  
·Check the Log in Network Clipboard & Viewer for more information about the problem.  
·If the remote host (acting as server) shows nothing in log when you try to connect from your computer, check if a valid cable/wireless node is functional and operating. Check if you can ping the remote host and the remote host can ping your computer.  
·If remote computer is Windows XP or better, check if more than one user are logged at same time in remote host. If you're trying to connect to that remote user and you get no responses, maybe the another user is the one is receiving your request.  
·Try to restart server in remote host (click Stop Server button, then click Start Server button).  
·If using Password Validation or Advanced Encryption, verify that all users have same password to access, or you may get trouble to connect to a remote host or receive clipboard encrypted from a remote host (errors like "Invalid Parameter").