A wildcard character is such as an asterisk (*) or a question mark (?) that is used to represent one or more characters when you are looking for users or computers. Wildcard characters are often used in place of one or more characters when you do not know what the real character is or you do not want to type the entire name.

Wildcard character
(*) Asterisk
Use the asterisk as a substitute for zero or more characters. If you are looking for a computer/user that you know starts with "Serv" but you cannot remember the rest of the name, type the following:

This locates all items that begin with "Serv" including Server001, ServerBackup, ServerMirror.

(?) Question mark
Use the question mark as a substitute for a single character in a name. For example, if you type Server00?, you will locate the items Server001 or Server002 but not Server010.