Preferences tab
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Enable/disable some options and Network Clipboard & Viewer parameters:

Animated cursors
Check this box to use animated cursors on Network Clipboard & Viewer.

Automatically disable Easy Bar
Enable (check) this option if you want to automatically disable Easy Bar when you launch a software that changes Screen Resolution (like a Game). This is useful to avoid view Easy Bar when gaming or using graphics software.

Automatically hide Easy Bar
Check this box to automatically hide Easy Bar when you select any option (from Easy Bar's context menu) to send/receive clipboard to/from remote computer. If checked, Easy Bar automatically hides itself immediately after you select a Send or Receive command.

Balloon notifications
Check this option to enable balloon notifications on System Tray.

Disable Skins when low color-depth
If this option is checked, use of skins is automatically disabled if a System with low color-depth is detected (Windows Terminal Services, Old computers, System with Display settings on 256 colors or less). If you want to force use of skins on low color-depth Systems, uncheck this box.

Keep icon visible on System Tray
Modern Windows operating systems (like Windows XP) may have enabled the option to automatically hide icons on System Tray when not frequently used. Check this box if you want the Network Clipboard and Viewer's icon always visible on System Tray.

Request remote clipboard with compression
Check this box to request clipboard information on remote host's clipboard with compression, when possible. The compression result on smaller amount of bytes to transfer.

Skinned open/save dialogs
Check this box to use skinned open/save dialogs for files. Skinned dialogs will takes more time to process. If this box is unchecked, Windows defaults open/save dialogs will be used (Windows dialogs are faster).

Splash screen on startup
Check this box to enable Splash screen. If enabled, Network Clipboard & Viewer's splash screen will appears every time program startup.

Start Server on startup
Enable (check this box) to start Network Clipboard & Viewer's server automatically when program startup.

Start with Windows
Check this box to enable Network Clipboard & Viewer to start on Windows startup, automatically. It'll start to system tray.

Use 16-Color Tray Icons
Check this box to use 16-Color Icons on System Tray. This option is disabled and checked by default on systems with no Windows XP or better.

Use Skins
Check this box to enable Skins. Skins requires average Graphics Card and a minimum color-depth of 16bits (32bits recommended). To change color-depth on your System, go to Control Panel / Display / Settings.

Use old icons
Check this box to use prior versions of Network Clipboard and Viewer's icons.

Use Right-click cursor
Enable or disable use of special cursor (as shown). The special cursor appears when a popup/context menu is available over current mouse position.