Add computers/host names
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This dialog allows you to enter computers/host names manually.

Just enter the computers network names. May enter several at once (one per line).

If you want to specify Workgroup name, enter it next to computer's name, separated by a semicolon.

For Example:

MyServer; Myworkgroup

(where "MyServer" is computer's name, "Myworkgroup" is Windows Network group name)

If you want to specify IP address too, just add it next to Workgroup name, separated by semicolon. May enter several IP address separated by a semicolon too.

For Example:
MyServer; Myworkgroup;

(where "" is the IP address you want to enter).

Duplicates host names (computers names) will not be allowed. If you want to ignore this, press and hold your SHIFT key, on your keyboard, when click the OK button.