There are sometimes two icons in the system tray. What are they both called?
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The icons on system tray are usually:

·Network Clipboard's Application Icon. If you close Network Clipboard's window, it'll close to System Tray. Click on tray icon to open Network Clipboard, or right-click for other options.  

·The other icon is usually the "last used clipboard". If "Remember last 4 clipboards" option is enabled (Main Menu / Options / Preferences, Hot Keys tab), you'll see this "last used clipboard" icon and up to 4 icons with a number from 1 to 4, they're the 4 last used clipboards. If you pass the Mouse cursor on any of these icons, you'll see a "Mini-Preview" of content, if you want to recall (set your local clipboard to that content again) just click on proper icon.  

To disable tray icons, right-click on any of the extra icons and select "Disable Show in Tray".