Initial Configuration
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a) In the Main Menu, access the Options menu, then Preferences option.

b) On Network Settings tab, configure the computers on your network. You may use the Scan button to scan your network for computers. Right-click the computers list for more options (including Add Computers, to add computers to the list -manually-).

c) Enable all computer you want to grant access to your Network Clipboard & Viewer checking proper box (uncheck to disable).

d) Configure the default TCP port to use with Network Clipboard & Viewer, you may use the default already specified. All computers using Network Clipboard & Viewer should have the same port configured or computers with different port configured will be unable to connect to another.

e) Select all computers (you'll work most) on your computers list and drag and drop to the Favorites box. The Favorites box brings you quick access with your favorite computers on small or big networks.

f) Configure Security Settings tab as your needs. The default configuration will verify password only on computers not defined as Favorites. Please note the initial password is blank (spaces). Right-click the Authorized Users box to get more options to define/manage remote users to access your Network Clipboard & Viewer. Check proper box on each user to authorize access to your Network Clipboard & Viewer, or uncheck to deny access. If the Learning Mode box option is checked, you'll be prompted for a confirmation for all new users (not defined on Authorized Users box) trying to access your Network Clipboard & Viewer.

See Also: How to configure TCP/IP Protocol, Windows Firewall.