Shutdown remote computer(s)
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This feature is suitable only for Windows NT4, Windows 2000, Windows XP,
Windows 2003 and better.

This allows you to specify a computer or computers on your Lan, to shutdown or reboot using Windows services.

Computers: enter the names of the computers to process, separated by a semicolon. Click the Browse button to browse for computers.

Message to Users: users of target computers will view a small window with a warning about the process (shutdown / reboot).

Shutdown or Reboot: select your choice as needed.

Forced: the forced mode is recommended if you want to make sure your system will shutdown / reboot. The forced mode helps to no stop if an application waits for User response about saving something (for example).

Delay: specify how may seconds of delay for this process. The target user will see a countdown on the screen, and the process (shutdown or reboot) will start when countdown finish.