Security considerations
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Some security considerations exists on Windows systems like Windows NT4, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, or any new NT based Windows Operating System.

Automatic Events are saved on Registry, in Local Machine key. This key is accessed usually by users with full Administrator privileges or users with Power User privilege. Users with Limited Account privileges can read Local Machine settings, but usually can't write values to that key.

Based on this, users with Limited Accounts privileges (account type in Control Panel / Users) will load the Automatic Events settings (if exist) but cannot access automatic events (appears as disabled, but are running in background). This users can't disable or enable automatic events globally (Main Menu / Tasks / Automatic Events Enabled). Users with more privileges can define automatic events and determine if all events are enabled or disabled globally, or may keep automatic events enabled globally but each event can be disabled just removing the check mark next to it.

Limited Accounts can add any new event for current session, those new events are not saved, in next session those changes are lost. Only events defined by Power Users or Administrators will remain active as defined.

16x16 note If you specify a recurrence range to end an event after N occurrences, users with Limited Accounts can't register number of occurrences (for Statistics). The counter of occurrences will be active for current session only.

16x16 devil red Blocked users, no matter if is Power User, Administrator or Limited Account, can't access Automatic Events. They appears as disabled, and will activates in background.