Close other windows / programs
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If you need to close some windows / programs, just specify any part of the caption (title) of that window. You may enter several captions, separated by semicolon.

      Internet Explorer; Notepad

      This will close all windows with "Internet Explorer" in their
      captions (titles), also all windows with "Notepad" in their

Close: check this mark to send a "close window" message to specified windows captions. The window receives this message and usually close (may not close if the window is programmed to handle the close message).

Shutdown: this is a better way to close a window, because it sends the "shutdown" message to specified windows captions. This means, the windows receives a "Windows is shutting down" message, the window receives this message and act normal: responds properly to a shutdown event and close.

Case sensitive: check this option to search for an exact match when searching the windows to close.

do-it Note: all programs have a "main window". If you close a main window, is usual that owner program will terminate normally, as using a File / Exit combination.