Run external application or file (Run Program)
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This type of event allows you to define a program to run (or file to open, if is a file the associated program is used).

Run / Open: enter the complete path and program/file name to open/run. Click the button to browse for a file. You may use drag and drop from Windows Explorer to this box.
do-it Click the Run / Open label if you want to test the launch of specified program/file using the specified parameters.

Parameters: enter any parameter(s) if needed.

Mode: specify the mode to run the specified program/file:
·Normal: the program window is launched as normal window  
·Minimized: the program is launched as a minimized window  
·Maximized: the program is launched as maximized window.  

Wait to finish: use this option with caution. If you need to "wait" for the specified program to finish before continue any other process, just specify how long to wait:
·No wait: the default. The specified program / file is launched and control returns to Shutdown Manager and Tools immediately.  
·1 min. to 3 hours: enables a wait mode for the specified time. This means the specified program is launched and Shutdown Manager and Tools will freeze waiting up to the specified time or the launched program finished.  
·Wait until finish: this instruct Shutdown Manager and Tools to wait until the specified lauched program is finished (terminated).  
warning 16x16 Shutdown Manager and Tools will stop any process during the time of wait mode enabled.  

Priority: specify the priority to use. Change this setting only if recommended from advanced users. Default is Normal.