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Network Clipboard: clipboard viewer, network share, transfer clipboard, clipboard tools

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Password Settings
Controls access to your Network Clipboard with a password. Remote computers should have the same password to access your Network Clipboard, based on your choices:

Verify Password

  • Always: all remote users need to verify password to access your Network Clipboard computer.
  • Non-Favorite Computers: remote computers not in your Favorite Computers list will need to validate access to your Network Clipboard using the password.
  • No verify password: password will be ignored to access your Network Clipboard from a remote computer. This is recommended only on trusted networks/users.

Initial password is blank. Always appears as ten characters long for security reasons. Enter the password for your Network Clipboard on this box. The other computers should have the same password if their verify method require it to access.

Authorized Users
This list box contain all users authorized to enter your Network Clipboard. Users are the same used to login your Windows Operating System. This list can be filled manually using the options available within a context menu on the box (using Context Menu key on your keyboard or right-click your mouse on box area). The list is automatically filled if the Learning Mode is enabled, adding enabled and disabled users as your response from Authorization dialog.

Users on this list should be enabled with a check mark on proper box, otherwise, user will not be allowed to enter your Network Clipboard. You may use this feature to temporary grant/deny access to some users.

Favorite Users
This list box is useful if you enable, for example, Authorize first option. It contain all users that will be automatically authorized to get your clipboard content, without confirmation, if you enable (check) the option Always Authorize Favorite Users (Right-click the Favorite Users box). A Favorite User will appear on Authorize window as a user icon with a green card in front, any other user (non favorite) will appear with a user icon with a red card in front.

You may drag and drop users from the "Authorized Users" box. If you delete a user from the "Authorized Users" box and that user is on "Favorite Users" list, you don't have to worry about security because the user will not be allowed to enter your Network Clipboard.

Learning Mode
Check this box to enable Learning Mode. When enabled, you'll be asked to grant/deny authorization to a remote user not in your Authorized Users list. If Learning Mode is disabled, you'll not be disturbed by any message, only users already on your Authorized Users list can access your Network Clipboard.

Accept Clipboards
Check this box to automatically accept remote clipboard content from computers on network (content will be saved on your computer, your local clipboard content will not be altered until you specify this action).

Ask Password
Check this box to force use of password, defined on same Security tab, to protect local Options and Preferences. If this box is checked, you'll be prompted for Network Clipboard's password before enter Options and Preferences.

Authorize first
If this box is checked, Network Clipboard will always ask you for your authorization before send your Clipboard content to a remote user.

Allow file transfer
Check this box to enable file transfer from your computer, if requested from a remote user, when your clipboard content are files copied to clipboard. The remote user may select one, some, all or none of the files (copied to your local clipboard). If you don't want to allow this, just uncheck this option. You may use a combination of Authorize first and Allow file transfer, this way, you'll be asked when a remote user is trying to get your clipboard content, if your clipboard content are files copied to clipboard and don't want to allow transfer, just deny the request.







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