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Award Winning Products

Comparator Fast™

Is an application that simplifies the comparison / verification / synchronization status of two different directories on any media (local drives, network drives, writable CD's, Compact Flash and electronic media, any drive/disk or device managed as valid windows pathnames).

Network Clipboard™

Get advantage of your network and work just faster! Transfer text, documents, pictures, from your computer's clipboard to a networked one! Can configure individual permissions for security settings.


Shutdown Manager and Tools™

It's a special utility for Shutdown, Restart and Logoff your computer or a remote one.
Do this in the normal way, or do it faster and no questions at all, using forced options. Connect to a remote computer and schedule a Shutdown, Restart or Logoff. The countdown can start just when a window you specified is closed.


XP Fixer™

Tweak your Windows2000 and WindowsXP your way! Access hidden settings and options, get privacy and fine tuning your system. It's a must tool for XP's users.




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