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Network Clipboard: clipboard viewer, network share, transfer clipboard, clipboard tools

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Network Clipboard Advantages?

Easy to use interface (all options are User configurable)
High Security, including 128bit Encryption
Automatically send your clipboard to remote computers
Don't disturbs your work with unwanted clipboard replacements
Administrative Tools
Quick Tasks and Utilities
Remote connections
Logs and Screens Previews
History of retrieved clipboards information, for later recalls
Integrated Help System
Many Add-Ons and tools !


- Note: all described features are User configurable. This means, you may disable any option you don't want to use.
128bit Advanced Security Blowfish
encryption. Allows to encrypt your clipboard content before send to a remote user. Available Options: encrypt text, encrypt pictures, encrypt all. Excellent Secure Option for unsecured Wireless Lan.
- Auto-send feature: automatically send your clipboard (Text, Pictures or All) to remote computers: authorized only, favorites only, authorized favorites only, etc. Your local clipboard is transmitted automatically to specified remote computers (or all your Lan). Receivers may automatically accept the new notified clipboard, or simply ignore it (if you don't want to replace your clipboard content when notified of a new remote clipboard).
- Administrative Tools
: take the advantage of easy configuration of all stations with Network Clipboard, from your own station. You may have different settings file and just need to propagate the proper one to selected computers. May propagate all settings or just specific ones. You may get remote computers status and log, and activate / deactivate remote log options (like debug mode).
- Configuration Wizard
: easy and step by step configuration helper. Automatically detects all computers in your Lan, and let you choose the authorized ones, define favorites, specify authorized and favorite users, etc.
- Accept wildcards for users and computers: you have no need to configure all your users and computers to work with, just need to enter a wildcard to cover a whole group of names. Example: "Dan*" will accept all users with name starting with "Dan"

Authorize First security option. When enabled, local user will be asked first for authorization to send clipboard content to a remote user.
Security option to enable/disable file transfers from your computer when your clipboard content are files copied.
- Remember last local clipboards
, with quick and easy access thru tool bar, main menu or Hot Keys.
- Enhanced History of Clipboards
: to view all received clipboards, local clipboards, other clipboard files. View as list or large icons, smart search capabilities by filename, text inside preview, text in size / date / attributes fields.
- Option to automatically append all new copied text to clipboard to already existing text on clipboard.
- Clipboard Properties dialog.

- Skinnable, good looking Skins already included.
Favorite Users information, to automatically authorize Favorite Users defined (if you use Authorize First feature).
Option to Use/Disable Skins, for computers with low color-depth, Windows Terminal Services, etc.
Option to load and permanently use a skin.
- Log option with Debug.
- Clipboard Viewer: view your clipboards content, save images to BMP, JPG, GIF formats with several options, saves text content to file, send text content to keyboard to emulate keystrokes (i.e.: saves time when have to enter long codes, etc.). Easy access at any time with Win+C combination (Windows Start Key and C letter).
- Enhanced Security
with list of allowed computers on network, password enforced, Favorites computers access, remote users (authorized or blocked), etc.
- Allows to compress remote clipboard information before transfer it to your computer, quick and easy!
- Log for process.
- Automatic Clear Clipboard tool, to clear your local clipboard content at specified interval.
- History of retrieved clipboard information, allows you to review/recall any previous remote clipboard information received from a remote computer.
- Quick and easy access with Easy Bar feature.
- Full Drag and Drop support.
Copy IP's to clipboard.
- Complete and detailed Server log, debug mode capable.
- Check Internet for Updates
- TCP default port configuration
- Text Mini Pads
- Mini Previews
- Received Clipboards notifications
- Stop all access to your Network Clipboard with just one click
- Options and Preferences password protected
- Free Clipboard
- Load/Save Clipboard files
- Clipboard Images Preview (normal size and stretch)
- Stay on Top button
- Enhanced Compression Capable: from low level to high
- Send local clipboard to remote computer
- Send Message to remote computers/users, with Predefined Messages to save time.
(requires Windows NT4, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 or better).
- Skin change
- Easy Registration for Single and Network Center computers
- Very low cost for extra licenses
- Easy Bar can monitor status of computers online and offline on your network
- Start with Windows
- Start Server on Startup
- Skinned/Windows defaults Load/Save dialogs
- Automatic Learning Mode
- Accept remote clipboards is configurable
- You'll not be disturbed by a remote clipboard if you don't call it
- Easy access from system tray too.
- Image Processor to save your clipboard's image content with several options:

  • Bitmap, Gif or Jpeg
  • Pixel formats: Device, 32 bit, 24 bit, 16 bit, 15 bit, 8 bit, 4 bit and 1 bit
  • Color or Monochrome
  • Free Bitmap Rotation
  • Gif Optimized for Windows (256 colors)
  • Gif Optimized: 256 colors, 128 colors, 64 colors, 32 colors, 16 colors, 8 colors
  • Gif Color Reduction to Netscape (216 colors)
  • Gif Grayscale (256 colors)
  • Gif Monochrome (black and white)
  • Gif Windows Grayscale (4 colors)
  • Gif Windows Halftone (256 colors)
  • Gif Windows System (20 colors)
  • Gif Compression: LZW or RLE
  • Gif Dithering: Nearest and Error Diffusion
  • Jpg Quality from 100% to 1%
  • Jpg Grayscale Supported
  • Image Preview Settings Capable
  • View Filters: Nearest, Linear, Linear2 and Spline
  • Align: Top-Left, Center and Tile
  • Scale Mode: Normal, Stretch, Scale, Resize
  • Color Picker: full RGB with HTML / DEC color codes
  • Zoom from 25% to 1600%

- Integrated Comprehensive Help
Preferences Options: users may change
- and more...




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