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Network Clipboard: clipboard viewer, network share, transfer clipboard, clipboard tools

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Network Clipboard details and descriptions of updates, changes, fixes. Here you'll find all information about. You may see a more detailed description checking the Online Help on Help option on this page.

  • Maintenance.
  • Other fixes and enhancements.
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2008R2 compatibility.
  • DEP manager.
  • Other fixes and enhancements.
  • Handled issue with Microsoft Office's clipboard (not originated by Network Clipboard and Viewer).
  • New Advanced Settings for Clipboard Monitor.
  • Enhanced History.
  • Enhanced EasyBar.
  • New Advanced Settings.
  • Enhanced Receive Files options.
  • New Host Resolution method: faster. Alternate security check.
  • Fixed Skinned Dialogs.
  • New menu structure.
  • New option to keep icon always visible in System Tray.
  • New option to disable hints.
  • Many enhancements and fixes.
  • New hot keys definitions to recall clipboards.
  • Fixed Wizard (manually added computers).
  • New Auto-send feature: if configured, send new clipboards to defined/all computers.
  • New option to handle Auto-send feature on receivers: automatic accept or reject (to avoid undesired changes to your local clipboard content).
  • New Notify Computers option: to manually send notification of your clipboard to remote computers.
  • New Administrative Tools: propagate settings to remote computers / get remote status and log / set remote log options.
  • New Advanced Settings option.
  • New Sound settings.
  • New Statistics.
  • New option to disable log.
  • New extended status information for current clipboard.
  • New separated tool bars.
  • New balloon notification when receive a remote clipboard notification (about a new clipboard available)... User configurable.
  • New skins added.
  • Enhanced Menu.
  • Enhanced Clipboard Monitor.
  • Enhanced Text to Keyboard.
  • New Text to Keyboard hot key.
  • Enhanced Clipboard Properties.
  • Enhanced EasyBar.
  • Fixed clipboard loaded from file now shows immediately.
  • Auto-clear clipboard starts just after user's confirmation.
  • Viewer now have an internal automatic fix routine.
  • New log option to stay in log, even if clipboard content changes (old behavior was switching to viewer automatically when clipboard content was change).
  • New dialog to choose Skins, with automatic preview.
  • Fixed Send Message option (discard wildcards).
  • Now password changes are verified.
  • Fixed Easy Bar hot key (save/restore custom settings).
  • Updated Wizard.
  • New Print Log option.
  • New Learning Mode: Computers.
  • New option to check users with wildcards characters.
  • New option to check computers with wildcards characters.
  • Enhanced Log.
  • Enhanced Debug mode.
  • Enhanced Help.
  • Fixed color pickers.
  • Fixed authentication when sending local files to remote computers.
  • Fixed random problems in learning mode (learning users).
  • Enhanced EasyBar: now include a Favorites button. If checked (down), only defined Favorite Computers are displayed. If unchecked, normal behavior (show all defined computers).
  • Enhanced Clipboard Monitor.
  • Enhanced Clipboard Monitor.
  • Improved Wizard, now keeps current settings if needed.
  • Enhanced Security.
  • Enhanced Help.
  • Enhanced History: now you can arrange your Clipboard Data Files in folders and subfolders, to allow organized contents. Clipboard Data Files listed in History now brings more detailed information.
  • New Vault Folder: Clipboard Data Files dropped on this folder will be automatically encrypted, using secure 128bit Blowfish encryption scheme. Sensitive information is now saved with extra security.
  • Enhanced EasyBar, now detects if software in other resolution is running (like a Game) to automatically disable
  • Enhanced Clipboard Monitor with shutdown detection
  • Several improvements.
  • Fixed bug about Windows shutdown.
  • New behavior for Image Preview when saving clipboard image.
  • New thread scheme.
  • New Configuration Wizard
  • Enhanced Clipboard Monitor
  • Enhanced Log
  • Improved EasyBar
  • Several updates
  • Fixed bug when sending clipboard with no encryption at all.
  • Fixed password bug.
  • Improved History with a lot of new features and more speed!
  • Changed Default: will not encrypt text content unless specified by User
    in Options and Preferences.
  • Minor fixes and enhancements
  • Fixed "Protect Clipboard" on History (please toggle protect of your protected clipboard files -if any- after upgrade)
  • Enhanced EasyBar
  • Changed EasyBar behavior: automatically shows on top Use Shift to keep EasyBar window on background
  • Fixed Show in Tray setting was not saved
  • Trial extended automatically
  • Minor fixes and enhancements
  • Improved History of Clipboards: now allows to recall clipboard with no need to save it in History (again).
  • Changed EasyBar behavior: now get a remote clipboard requires a Double Click on selected computer. Allows to easy movement with keyboard cursor keys and now can use the ENTER key to get remote clipboard too (option added to popup menu as default).
  • Several enhances and improvements.
  • Fixed EasyBar error displaying a big number of computers.
  • Fixed Save Clipboard Image error on last release.
  • New Setup scheme.
  • New option to protect clipboard files, to keep important clipboards or avoid automatic purge if older.
  • New EasyBar feature to not show and get focus automatically.
  • New Popup for "Show in Tray" icons.
  • Changed default time to show Mini Preview (tray).
  • New option for Text to Clipboard feature: Caps Lock aware.
  • Enhanced Tray Icons for XP or better.
  • History of Clipboards optimized.
  • Fixed Check for Update minor issue.
  • Tray pop up reorganized.
  • New features, Enhances.
  • Disabling Clipboard Viewer now disable automatically all other clipboard tasks.
  • Enhances, Help updated to current changes.
  • New menu options.
  • New icons for Win9x, WinMe, WinNT and Win2000, user selectable on Windows XP or better.
  • Cosmetic enhances for Win9x systems.
  • Show icons in tray fixed.
  • New Mini-Preview code.
  • New feature to reload last used clipboards, available to recall, when program startup.
  • Enhanced tray preview with threads.
  • Minor fixes and enhancements.
  • New option to view/set last used clipboards in system tray.
  • New option to see mini-preview in tray.
  • Enhanced Check for Update.
  • New "Text to Keyboard" option, allows special text processing to any application.
  • Several improvements.
  • New option to avoid saving duplicate clipboard files.
  • New option to temporary disable Hot Keys.
  • New option to clear recall history.
  • More enhances and improvements.
  • New Easy Bar option: scrolled.
  • Immediate: Fixed Thread issue on some systems.
  • New Option to Remember Last Used Local Clipboards: when enabled, allows NC (Network Clipboard & Viewer) to remember last local clipboards.
    There are four default slots to quick recall of last used clipboards (with just one click! or using a Hot Key!). If you want to see your thousands of clipboards, please view History and select View Local Clipboards.
  • New Hot Keys feature: quick recall of last used clipboards (and last current clipboard) with just a user defined keys combinations.
    Default hot keys are Ctrl+Slot (where Slot is a number from 0
    to 4, zero is last current clipboard). User configurable.
  • Enhanced toolbar. Enhanced Menus. New options to enable/disable toolbars.
  • Enhanced Clipboard Properties: more details and information, new options to handle information.
  • Enhanced Capacity of Viewer for Win9x systems and NT systems.
  • New options to automatically purge local clipboards when becomes older (default 7 days, user configurable).
  • Enhanced Image Viewer, with Color Picker option (capturing RGB color codes, HTML color code and DEC. color code, capturing colors to Mini-Pad, fit image preview, center image preview, proportional mode for image preview, etc.
  • Updated Help system.
  • Enhanced History: View Received Clipboards, Local Clipboards, Other Clipboards. View list and Icons.
  • New Search option for History of Clipboards: allows to search by partial text based on file name, text in preview (when
    clipboard is text), and text in Size, Date and Attributes.
  • Many enhances and improvements.
  • Enhanced capacity to allow big clipboards to be processed with old Win9x systems.
  • Enhanced Properties, with more technical details, extreme more speed.
  • Changed structure for Clipboard Properties, now shows instantly.
  • Fixed Pad issue (can't shutdown when changed).
  • Now last settings for "Additive" and "Insert New Line" options are restored.
  • Skinned Open/Save dialogs takes more time to show than Windows dialogs, so the default is changed to Windows dialogs (new users / new installations of Network Clipboard).
  • New option to auto append text to clipboard.
  • New Clipboard Properties.
  • Now Setup Program Includes Skin Pack # 1.
  • Now Setup Program Includes Skin Pack # 2.
  • New options for Authorized Window.
  • Some enhancements to modules.
  • Fixed Load Clipboard File when not using skinned dialogs.
  • Easy Bar now don't show task bar icon.
  • Pad now close to system tray. To really exit, right-click icon in tray and choose Exit.
  • New 128bit Advanced Security Blowfish encryption. Allows to encrypt your clipboard content before send to a remote user. Available Options: encrypt text, encrypt pictures, encrypt all.
  • New Authorize First security option. When enabled, local user will be asked first for authorization to send clipboard content to a remote user.
  • New security option to enable/disable file transfers from your computer when your clipboard content are files copied.
  • New Favorite Users information, to automatically authorize Favorite Users defined (if you use Authorize First feature).
  • New option to Use/Disable Skins, for computers with low color-depth, Windows Terminal Services, etc.
  • New option to load and permanently use a skin.
  • New Skin Pack # 1 released as a separated download.
  • New Log option with Debug.
  • Increased response of EasyBar.
  • Improved Send Message option with Predefined Messages.
  • Several enhances, minor fixes.
  • New Check for Update option.
  • Auto-Clear Clipboard Setting is now applied for next Network Clipboard run too.
  • Mini-Pad now accepts files via drag and drop, and use
    System Tray icons.
  • Fixed Save Settings Minor Bug
    (old information about computers/favorites/users remains saved on next software startup, nothing lost).
  • Cosmetic changes and improvements.
  • Released to the public !
  • Final Release Launched to Beta Testers.




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