File Comparator Results
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Note: This option only appears when comparing in Manual Mode.

The results window will show you a list of results for Source and Target files, with several information like:
File name
File Folder
Last Modified Date and Time
Size (in bytes)
Which file is newer
Data comparison results

Common file's information

File's Version
File's Description
File's Copyright
File's Comments
File's Company
File's Internal Name
File's Language

File's Trademarks Information
File's Original Name
File's Private Build Description
File's Product Name
File's Product Version
File's Special Build Description

Information available on special files (Windows programs, modules -.DLL, .OCX, etc)

Comparison Time

Shows the comparison time in seconds on the Source column, and time formatted on Target column.

Navigation Buttons
If you made several comparisons, you may consult the results of prior comparisons clicking on left arrow (or using the left key on keyboard). If first comparison is reached, then the last result is used.
Use the right button to move forward (or use the right key on keyboard). If last comparison is reached, then the first result is used.

New Comparison
If you want to start a new comparison, click this button. You can review your last results later (until File Comparator window is closed).

Close and terminate current File Comparator session.

See Also: File Comparator (Automatic Mode), File Comparator (Manual Mode), File Comparator Options.