File Comparator (Manual Mode)
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This choice is in Main Menu . This way, the File Comparator window will expect you to drag and drop (to it's window) the files to compare, specify each file (source and target) manually or browse for source/target file:
file comparator (manual mode) small
Window launched from Main Menu example

You may drag and drop from Windows Explorer, Desktop, or any other explorer's like program.
If you wish, you can select 2 files from Windows Explorer, drag and drop to File Comparator's window, and when you finished drop of two files, the comparison process begins automatically.

You may drop a single file straight to the proper Source or Target file's box.

Before clicking Go button and start comparison process, you may want to check comparison options first.

Recent Compared Files
Clicking this button, or right-click Source or Target file's box, you'll get a pop up with your most recent compared files. In order to keep the pop up menu small as possible, large pathnames will be abbreviated. You'll see a list with the source file first, a "separator" (<*>) and the target file. Choosing an item will change Source and Target file's box content with your choice.

Here you may configure some comparison options that may affect speed and what information do you need. More details here.

View Last
This button will be enabled when you made your first comparison. Allows you to see the last comparison results. If you compared more files on same File Comparator's session, you'll get a History of the most recent comparisons. You may navigate to prior or next comparisons in history, clicking the left/right arrows, or click the left or right key on your keyboard.

To start comparison of specified files, click the Go button. The progress window will appears (same look as "Automatic mode"), but you may cancel the comparison clicking the Stop button.

Close current File Comparator's window. Please note that you may open several File Comparator windows (until limit is reached), and each File Comparator window will save their own "history" of compared files, window's size and position.
Note: The results history is lost when you close window. If you need the comparison results, you may check the
Dump to Log option, or manually send the desired results to Log, save to file, print, or copy to clipboard.

See Also: File Comparator (Automatic Mode), File Comparator Options, File Comparator Results.