File Comparator Window (Automatic Mode)
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File Comparator can be used in automatic or manual mode. Automatic mode is launched when you scan folders and enable the option "Duplicates by Data":
file comparator (in progress)
Comparison in progress example

When you set the option to look for Duplicates by Name, Size and Data, every file is compared and you'll see the status and progress on File Comparator's window.

The information are:
* Source File and Path
* File Size
* Progress bar
* Destination File and Path

Click Stop on Comparator Window to cancel all process (including File Comparator).
If you're running Comparator Fast on Windows 2000, XP or better, you'll get a Transparency level tracking bar. This allow you to set a transparency level for File Comparer window.

See Also: File Comparator (Manual Mode), File Comparator Options.