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If it's the first time you use Comparator Fast, just select the Source ("From") directory and the Target ("To") or destination directory, check "Scan sub folders" options if you want to scan subdirectories too, and if you want to check for duplicates choose the desired option. Time is default (and the most fastest option if you want to check for duplicates), and hit the Scan button. This will do a comparison of directories contents and will show information about on the tabbed windows.

Select folders to compare. You may navigate to select the "Source" and "Target" directories, select folders manually or using drag and drop.
drag and drop example (small)
Drag and Drop method.
select folder (manually)small
Select Folder Manually.

Choose search options and start scan.

scanparameterssmallerScan options.

scan button1 Scan button.

You may want to save your settings as a Preset for later use.
If you don't want to save those settings, must choose Reset button to start a new search.
presets (new) small
Add settings as New Preset.

reset button1 Reset button.

lightsmallUse the Presets Wizard to easily create, modify or delete presets.
presets wizard-start page
Use the Presets Wizard.