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scan button1

Click on this button will start the search and Comparator Fast works.

When scan begins, you'll see a progress, and the status led's will change from "Free" (leds free) to "Busy" (leds busy).

This button will hide when scan begins; also some commands and options will be unavailable during the scanning process:

The comparison process can be:

   Two-way > default. Compare "From" (source) with "To" (target) and "To" with "From".
   From - To >
Compare "From" (source) with "To" (target) [Phase 1].
   To - From >
Compare "To" (target) with "From" (source) [Phase 2]. Please note than this mode don't search for duplicates. Phase 1 is needed for duplicates search.

Disabling some options is necessary to avoid unwanted or mixed results others that what you' re looking for.