If you use Anti-Spam Software
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Many people use Anti-Spam software. If you use Anti-Spam software too and try to contact us by email, please DON'T FORGET to create a rule that accept our emails from our domain interdesigner.com
and shutdowntools.com

Some Anti-Spam software are so strict, that we had situations when we receive a support request or consults, and we're unable to contact that user because the emails bounce (returned to us) or sometimes we never notice that the email we sent was deleted by an Anti-Spam software because our mail server successfully delivers to your mail server, but your Anti-Spam software can block/delete our emails without notice. There is nothing we can do about this, so we highly recommend you include your phone number, fax number, and your Instant Messaging System's code (ie: Messenger, ICQ, etc.). Please note that this circumstance, completely out of our control, can delay our response a lot (if we can perceive our responses are not received by email).

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