Automatic Events Overview
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You may define automatic events to occur (for example: automatically shutdown your computer at specified time, every day or just workdays).

You need to enable Automatic Events to allow specified events in list to be activated. Each event have their own Enabled indicator (a check box), but also you can disable entire Automatic Events process just using the Automatic events enabled option on:
·Main Menu / Tasks  
·Right-click tray icon / Tasks  
·Right-click automatic events list on Automatic tab (Main Window).  

Right-click on Automatic Events list for:
·Add: creates a new automatic event  
·Edit: modify selected event on list  
·Delete: remove selected events from list (there is no Undo procedure, you may want to Save your Settings first, this will allows you to Restore Settings if deleted).  
·Preview: shows a Warning window sample (preview) for the selected event. The preview is just a demo of how the event warning is displayed when the event becomes active.  
·Automatic Events Enabled: check this option (click) to enable global event processing. Clear the check mark (click again) to disable Automatic Events processing.  
·Reset event: If event was already processed, it'll remains on hold until next valid occurrence. Select this to reset this "on hold" status (warning 16x16 this may fires the event again if is, for example, a Counter or Beyond type event).  

Events list

The events list contains all the events you added. You may add, edit or delete selected events: right-click on your selection and choose proper command from popup menu. You can disable/enable any selected event just using the check box of each event:
·Check to enable event (enabled events will be processed based on event information)  
·Clear check mark to disable event.  

First column shows the task to perform if event is activated (activated means the event is started as defined in event information conditions). It appears in bold style if the event's date is defined to start on a future date, and already started (see Start Date) events appears in normal style.
Expired events shows a strikeout effect on event's text.

      Normal Event
      Future Event
Expired Event


See Also: Automatic Event Information / Settings, Save and Restore Settings, Security considerations.