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Windows 95 and some Windows 98 users
Win9x Users (Win95 and Win98 -not Win98 Second edition-) may get troubles trying to run modern software. If you get errors messages about "OLExxxx.DLL", you may need the DCOM Updates for Windows 95 or Windows98 (different versions).

What the error means:
The program that is being run requires a later version of OLE Automation (i.e. OLEAUT32.DLL).

·This error can be resolved by downloading the latest DCOM service pack from Microsoft (  
·At the last time of checking, for Windows 95 the latest version was "DCOM95 for Windows 95 version 1.3" (download from  
·At the last time of checking, for Windows 98 the latest version was "DCOM98 for Windows 98 version 1.3" (download from  
·Alternately download the latest version of Internet Explorer - this will update the DCOM components at the same time.  

External Software doesn't work
Please make sure:

   1. You defined the proper software title.More information .

   2. The external program accepts files using drag and drop method.

I get no support response yet...
Our support response are usually very fast, if not answered same day, about 1-2 business days. If you have no response yet, the cause may be you're using Anti-Spam software and our email responses are blocked or deleted because of this. Please read more here. This situation may affect you receive any email from us: registration information, support responses, updates notifications.