External Programs
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You can define external programs to work with selected files on Comparator Fast's results.

The predefined external programs will appear in the results popup on each results window (Missing, Newer, Duplicate, etc) under the Tools submenu.

Predefined external programs are Notepad, Winzip and Winrar (if you have installed them). You may change the predefined definition to use another compression software, please make sure any external software you intend to define, fully support drag and drop (you may try dragging files from Comparator Fast results or Windows Explorer and drop them on the external software you want to use).

Here you can define up to 4 external programs that accepts drag and drop files.

The most important thing to define is the Title. It is the external software title of the external software main window.

No need to specify the full title of an application, some software change their title with a file name but the application's name appears.


Let's register Windows "Notepad" as an "external" application. Run "Notepad" program and you'll notice that appears the title "Untitled - Notepad". When you load a file, the "Untitled" is replaced by the file's name, but "Notepad" text remains on title (caption). This is the text we need to use to define application's title, so the definition will be like this:

1. Title      Notepad
      Path: C:\WINDOWS\Notepad.exe

The path where is located the external software is required if you want an automatic run of that software if it's window is not detected by Comparator Fast.

light2The title is important. If you define, in our example, "Untitled - Notepad" as Title, this setting will work only when Notepad have that title. If you define just "Notepad", doesn't matter what file is opened or not, the "Notepad" part of the caption is enough to locate that program.


Is the time (in seconds you want to wait after the external software is launched). The default is zero seconds, so Comparator Fast will send selected files to the external application the same moment the external software run.
If you're defining external software that is "big" or requires more time to initialize, you can set the seconds to wait before sending any information to the external software.

Once on every session, if you enter Save Results option, Comparator Fast will check if MS-Excel and MS-Word are installed on your computer. This software is needed to save results in XLS and DOC formats.
If you have any problem with this verification or you don't want to check for MS-Office, just uncheck this option.

Browse for programs

Click the "search" button to browse for the program you want to define.


You may define an external software to analyse your results, source code analyzer, backup files, etc.