Tools Menu Overview
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The Tools menu on Main Menu, contains several other utilities:

CD/DVD/Removable Media Data Check
This tool allows you to fully scan any backup media (logical) to ensure your backup media is readable. More information.

Compare Text Files
Compare text files to detect Missing and Duplicated lines. More information.

File Check
Fast hashing tool. Helps to calculate and confirm hashes of important files (documents, software, etc.). More information.

File Comparator
Allow you to manually drag and drop files to the File Comparator window, or enable/disable this window when a scan is in progress.
Quick access with Shift+Ctrl+C keyboard shortcut.

Hex Viewer
This tool allows you to dump a file content to hex format. More information.

Internet Time
Comparator Fast helps you to keep your folders/computers/network drives/compact flash/smart media/memory sticks synchronized... with this tool you can make sure your computer's clock have the exact date and time. More information.
Quick access with Shift+Ctrl+I keyboard shortcut.

This submenu contains more options:
·Convert Text Files: helps conversions of text files between Unix/Linux/Xenix and Windows. More information.  
·Create Dummy File: creates a "dummy" file of specified size. In certain environments can be useful to detect if a big file can really be saved/supported. More information.  
·Eliminate Duplicates from Text Files: this tool serves to detect duplicate lines in a text file. You may process with duplicates as required. More information.  

Rename Files
Easy to use utility to mass rename files. More information.
Quick access with Shift+Ctrl+R keyboard shortcut.

Text Differences
Easy comparison of two text/source files, to see lines added, modified and deleted. More information.
Quick access with Shift+Ctrl+D keyboard shortcut.

Touch Files
This tool can change your file's Date/Time and attributes. You can drag and drop files to the Touch Files window, or select from a specified folder. More information.
Quick access with Shift+Ctrl+T keyboard shortcut.

Select Folders
With this option, you can manually type the Source (From) and/or Target (To) paths.
Quick access with Shift+Ctrl+F keyboard shortcut.

Backup Settings
This option allows you to export all your settings and presets to a Windows Registry Editor compatible file format. When you need to restore, you may double-click this file on Windows Explorer or use the Restore option. If you're using Windows NT, 2000, XP or similar, please make sure you have Administrator's permissions. The file will be saved on Comparator Fast's installation folder. Comparator Fast is enabled to make periodic Automatic Backups of all settings to your My Documents folder. If you need to reformat your hard drive, please don't forget to backup your My Documents folder and valuable data first.

Restore Settings
This option allow to restore all the settings previously recorded with Backup Settings option.