Compare Text File
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Use this option to scan 2 text files, Source and Target, and detect:

·Line(s) on Source File that doesn't exists in Target File (Missing in Target)  
·Line(s) on Target File that doesn't exists in Source File (Missing in Source)  
·Line(s) that are duplicates in Source File and Target File. Depending on settings, only real different duplicates will be shown (For Example: "Sample1" may be considered duplicated against "SaMpLe1" because of No Case Sensitive Scan).  

In Parameters tab, specify Source File in edit box. Click on button to browse for file. You may Drag and Drop from Windows Explorer to Source File's box a selected text file. Right-click to select Recent Used Files and other options. Start Scan with a click on Compare button.

Ignore Duplicates: check this box to not show duplicates.  
Max Threads: controls how many comparisons groups can be performed at same time.  
Priority: specify the System's Priority for any new created thread.  

Case Sensitive: Enable (check) if two strings are considered duplicates if they are identical except for differences in case.  
Trim Spaces: Enable (check) to Trims leading and trailing spaces and control characters from a string.  
Ignore Empty Lines: Enable (check) to ignore and eliminate empty lines.  
Touch Target File: Enable (check) to set same date and time for target file as source file.  
Overwrite Existing Files: Enable (check) if you want to overwrite existing destination files automatically, when save to file.  
View Only Non-Exact Duplicates: Enable (check) if you want to view only non-exact duplicates (For Example: Case Differences).  
Clear Duplicates before process: Enable (check) if you want to clear duplicates from file's content before scan (source/target files are not changed).  
Backup Original File Before Save: Enable (check) if you want to backup original file before saving any changed information.