Send Files to Clipboard as Filenames
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send selected to clipboard -settings

Send selected file(s) on results to clipboard, as a list of files.

You may setup clipboard's list including any text (ie. commands).
There are 3 sections for this: (a), (b) and (c).

The list will be processed as follows:
(a) + FILE PATH + (b) + FILE NAME + (c).

This means, any text on field (a) will be the first on each clipboard's line, then FILE PATH, then field (b), then FILE NAME, and finally field (c).

Example (assuming you want to create a batch file with commands to copy selected files to other folder):

   1) the selected files on result's list are:

   2) the fields are filled with (ignore inverted commas). Please note we're leaving a blank space at the end on (a) and at the start of (c):
      (a) "copy "
      (b) --------------> blank
      (c) " c:\old /v > c:\old\log.txt"

   List will be copied to Clipboard as:

      copy C:\BACKUP\DATA1.INF c:\old /v > c:\old\log.txt
      copy C:\BACKUP\DATA2.INF c:\old /v > c:\old\log.txt

If you leave all fields empty, just the file's list will be copied to clipboard, ie:

   Separate with spaces: check this to separate all fields with one space, automatically. The result line will be:
      (a) + SPACE + FILE PATH + SPACE + (b) + SPACE + FILE NAME + SPACE + (c)   

Each line with inverted commas: check this to put each result line between inverted commas, ie:


When you click Ok on settings window, you'll get a preview window of each processed line.

You're allowed to edit any content (use the button Undo to reverse/redo changes), and when finish you may Save to file or Copy to Clipboard.
send selected to clipboard -preview

See Also: Working with Results.