Send Files to Any Folder
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send selected to any folder -settings

Selected file(s) on results can be copied or moved to any other folder using this option.


   Destination folder,
   What method (Copy or Move),
   Remove from results when processed: removes from list all copied/moved files,
   Use source folder names to process: when checked, will copy/move files to destination folder, and including each source file's path.

send selected to any folder -without source folder names
The preview window allows you to see a preview of the process before execution.
Here you'll see a detailed description of what files will be processed and to what folder will be copied or moved.

If you want to change settings, click Back button.

If you wish to continue, click Go.

send selected to any folder -processed
When you click Go the process starts.

You'll see a detail of total files processed, errors produced, remaining files, and file names.

You may cancel the process with the Cancel button.

See Also: Working with Results.