Select standard directories
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To access this options, right-click on "From" or "To" folders window, you'll see a pop-up with other options.

Please note: the option Up will appear only if the initial directory was a true path, otherwise will be invisible if the initial directory was a Windows path.

You have the choices:
shell popup main only (with up)
Open Folder: open selected folder in Windows Explorer.

Command Prompt window from here:
open selected folder in Command Prompt window *.

to update shells content. May need this if not using auto refresh.

Create new folder:
creates a new folder. Use Refresh command when finished creation of all needed folders.

Delete folder:
delete selected folder.

send selected folder's content to defined tools, like Touch.

: Go to previous directory

Windows folders:
shows a submenu with common Windows Folders.

shell popup only (with up)

Go to your Desktop

My Documents
: Go to your documents folder.

My Computer
: Go to your Desktop, where you may select "My Computer"

My Network Places
: Go to network places.

: Go to your "Favorites" folder.

: Go to your font's folder.

Application Data
: Go to your application's data directory.

Program's Start Menu
: Go to your program's start menu folder.

In the Common sub pop-up, you have choices to:
shell popup (with common)
Desktop: Go to common Desktop for all users
(if applicable).

Program's Start Menu
: Go to common program's start menu for all users (if applicable).

* Not allowed to network paths (UNC format, ie: \\SERVER\C). To open a Command Prompt window on network drives/folders, please Map it on Windows Explorer first.