Touch Files
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Touch Files(Standard for Comparator Fast).This software allows you to easily:
- change file's attributes
- Date/Times Last Modified
- Date/Time Created
- Date/Time Last Accessed

You can select this tool from Comparator Fast's Tools Menu or from your Window's Programs Menu, under Comparator Fast.
It's like a Wizard, step by step tasks/options selection, or Advanced Users can use the Main Menu and their keyboard shortcuts to switch to desired screen.

Drag and Drop files from Comparator Fast's results, Windows Explorer or any application capable.
Files/folders dropped to Touch Files's window, will be added to the list of Files to Process.

Synchronizes your Computer's clock.
On the Tools menu, is an option Internet Time, Just choose the time server of your preference, type in the server's box your own time server, and click Go. Just that ! Easily, your computer's clock will be synchronized with precision Date/Time from "Atomic Clocks" servers.

Minimize to System Tray for later use.
You can choose to keep Touch Files on hand, minimize it to system tray and just have to click it's icon to open, or right-click it's icon for a pop up with quick options.

About Box with information on hand.
You'll get (on network environment) your logged User name, Computer's Name, and privileges (if using NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP or better), along with your detailed Window's version and Windows Uptime (time your computer is running since turned on).

For more information, consult Touch Files Help.