Select Results by Wildcards
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select by wildcards

This option allows you to specify wildcards to select files on a results list.

You may enter several wildcards, separated by semicolon key semicolon.

Example: Select your documents files (*.DOC; *.TXT), your spreadsheets (*.XLS; *.WK1).

*.bak      to select all files with extension .bak
*\temp\*      to select all files with folder temp in path
*backup*   to select all files with backup word on file's name.

This will remember your last used specifications, just click on the down arrow on specification's box and select your choice.


   Move to Last Selected will moves your selection to the last item found and selected.

select by wildcards -clear history   Clear History of Specifications button will clear all your specifications history.

See Also: Working with Results, Wildcards.