Recent Used Folders
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This option shows you a window with the last recent used folders (compared):

   From    folder
   Date/Time of last use

This history is available here and doing right-click on Comparator Fast's system tray icon, where you'll see two submenus: Recent Used Folders on From, and Recent Used Folders on To.

Local folders (not UNC -Network- paths) will be shown in a different icon than network folders.

Those submenus allows you to open Windows Explorer on a selected folder.
If you want instead to open MS-DOS from here, hold SHIFT key while clicking the desired folder *.

- If you double-click a selected recent used folders, the selected folders will be set as Source and Target folders to allow their use in a new scan.

- Right-click on any content to get a popup with more options, where you can:

   Open both folders in Explorer.
   Open just the From folder in Explorer.
   Open just the To folder in Explorer.
   A submenu to open a Command Prompt window:
      On both folders
      On From folder
      On To folder
   Delete selected history (folders will not be deleted, just the recent used folder reference).
   Delete all history (folders will not be deleted, just the recent used folders references).

If you did changes (deletions) on recent used folders history and want to recover them, please make sure to hold the SHIFT key while click the Cancel button.

* Not allowed to network paths (UNC format, ie: \\SERVER\C). To open Command Prompt window on network drives/folders, please Map it on Windows Explorer first.