Favorites Folders
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Here you can define a set of up to 120 folders you use frequently !
This will help you to open your favorite folder quickly, in Explorer or Command Prompt window.

You can assign a "name" to each favorite folder you define. The order of appearance will be the same you defined here.

You may click on proper toolbar or right-click your selection for a popup menu.

To create a new favorite folder. You should select the folder you want to set as favorite, and then specify the name you want to identify this favorite (if you wish, or left it blank to assign the full path of favorite folder as "name"). You may also drag and drop a file/folder from Explorer.

If you want to insert a "line" to separate your favorites folders on the system tray popup, just set any folder as "favorite" and type -
as name (the minus character).

If you want to separate your menus into a new popup, set a "menu break" on your Favorite folder's name. One of two reserved characters inserted as the first character on the name, will cause a "menu break" to another popup. Those characters are / and +. You may use the popup on selected favorites to toggle menu breaks on or off.

If you copied a list of folders names to clipboard, you may paste that list with this option.
To edit selected favorite folder. If you just want to change the favorite's name, click on it or select the favorite and hit the F2 key.
Removes selected favorites from list.
Up / Down
Allow to define any order you want to display your favorites folders.
You may also drag and drop selected favorites to another position.
Click to turn on/off the grid lines on the list.

To open the selected favorites folders in Explorer.
To open selected favorites folders in a Command Prompt window.
Copy selected favorites to clipboard based on your final choice. Using a favorite folder as example: C:\Program Files\Interdesigner Software

With Full Path: copy to clipboard the full path of selected favorite(s).
Result = C:\Program Files\Interdesigner Software

Just Folders Names
: copy to clipboard just the last folder name of selected favorite(s).
Result = Interdesigner Software

Just Folders Paths
: copy to clipboard just the path of folders names of selected favorite(s).
Result = C:\Program Files\

Names (assigned by User): copy to clipboard just the names you set for each selected favorite(s)
Result = My Folder

Exit this window.

Popup Options
Select All
Select all existing favorites.

Select None
Unselect all favorites.

Toggle Menu Break
Insert/Removes "menu break" character to selected favorite(s).

Toggle Menu Bar Break
Insert/Removes "menu bar break" on selected favorite(s). The "menu break" draws another popup box separated by spaces. The "menu bar break", inserts a vertical line to "separate" both popups.

light2Make sure not to include too many "breaks" or your favorites will not be shown if your screen doesn't have enough resolution.

Clipboard functions
To access the detailed clipboard options.

Delete selected
To delete selected favorite(s).

light2The Favorites Folders will be saved when you close the Favorites window. If you want to discard any changes/deletions you made, make sure to hold the SHIFT key while closing Favorites window.