Other Scan Options
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Here you configure special Scan Options.

Only Bad Duplicates
Check this option if you want to "auto remove" from search results the "Duplicates Ok" (recommended). This can increase the scan speed and reduces Duplicates list's size when only process "Bad Duplicates" (if any).

In order to get a list of duplicates on both sides, uncheck this option.

lightsmall You may temporarily change the Only Bad Duplicates settings using the checkbox available at Scan Parameters. If you want this setting to become a default (the used all the time), you need to set the option here (in Preferences).

Use Hashes Databases
Check this option to use special hashes files as hashes databases of bigger files. This new option will increase scan speed saving time when no need to re-hash same files all the time you scan.

The hash proceed if the saved information becomes invalid:
·Original file was modified since last hash.  
·Original file have a different size of the size used to hash.  

Special file are created on each folder as needed (Comparator Fast Hashes.ini). The file have attributes of Hidden and System to avoid see them in Windows Explorer.

Only files with a predefined minimum size (specified on field Minimum Size to Include a File) are included in database. Smaller files are calculated faster.

If Use Hashes Databases is enabled (checked), Comparator Fast will ignore the database file named Comparator Fast Hashes.ini and will not shows results based on this internal file.

Minimum Size to Include a File
Is the minimum size, in KB (Kilobytes), MB (Megabytes), GB (Gigabytes) or TB (Terabytes) to include a file in Hashes database. If file's size is greater than specified size, then the file is hashed (calculated).

Include Filename in Database
Check this option if you want to include the hashed filename in Database file. Is recommended to keep this enabled for future releases of Comparator Fast or if you want to manually explore a Database file.