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Comparator Fast: compare folders, compare files, duplicate files, synchronize computers, match folders
v1.2.4.1 NEW!
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Comparator Fast's popup example for newer files. It's options are easy to understand and run.
Each result list (Missing, Newer, Duplicates, Unresolved) have options that can be accessed thru a pop up window, right-click a result list box and you'll see the pop up.

Some options will be hidden or disabled automatically if they don't apply to the result you're working in.


Open selected Open/Run selected file(s).   If you select this option while holding the SHIFT key, Comparator Fast will Open/Run the same selected file(s) but on the other side too (when apply).
Select Results    
  Select All   Select all files on that list.
  Select None   Unselect all files.
  Invert Selection   Files selected will be unselected, and unselected will be selected.
  Select by Wildcards   Allows you to select files on results using wildcards.
  Select by Attributes   Allows to select files on results based on their attributes.
  Remove Selected   Will remove selected items from results. Files will not be deleted.
  Size of Selected Files   Calculates size of selected file(s).
Send Selected To    
  Missing Section   Send selected file(s) to proper Missing section, for other tasks.
  Newer Section   Send selected file(s) to proper Newer section, for other tasks.
  Clipboard as Filenames   Selected filenames will be copied to the clipboard, user is allowed to setup the list of files with special options.
  Any Folder   Allows to copy or move selected files to any other folder.
  Touch Files   Send selected file(s) to Touch Files tool, to change file's attributes, modified date/time, creation date/time, last accessed date/time.
  Hex Dump of Selected   Launch Hex Dump on selected file.
  Hex Dump of Selected file, on the other side   Launch Hex Dump on the same selected file, but the one that exists on the other side.
  Delete Selected Files   Delete selected file(s) to Recycle Bin (if is possible and allowed by your Operating System configuration).
Open Container Folder    
  Windows Explorer   Open container folder of selected file(s) with Windows Explorer.
  MS-DOS Window   Open container folder of selected file(s) with MS-DOS Window.
Copy Folder's Name(s) to Clipboard   Quick and easy way to copy just the folder's names (path) of selected files.
Copy File's Name(s) to Clipboard   Copy to clipboard the file's names of one or more selected files, quick !
Properties   Launch Window's Properties dialog for selected file(s).








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